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 About Jayce 

Jayce was born Gerald Christopher Venditti in northern CA in Santa Rosa, (Sonoma County - wine country —  and raised on a small farm in Sebastopol surrounded by an artistic family. His mother grew up in the performing arts (dance and music); His father is a world-renowned fine artist which seemed to be activators that gravitated Jayce toward the performing arts. He is also passionate and active in causes relating to the environment, animal and wildlife preservation, as are his parents.


At a young age Jayce found himself performing as a singer/dancer/actor in plays and musicals locally and in the Bay Area. In his early teens peer pressure deterred him for a brief time from the arts by friends who were into sports. He began playing soccer, a sport he excelled in, and played and trained in England and Bolivia. He also played for a number of years with the Olympic Development Program Team and thought soccer would end up being his career. But, the Universe had other plans for him.


After he graduated high school, Jayce enrolled in the local junior college where he once again got engaged in the Performing arts.  Realizing this was where his true passion was, he spent a year at the J C working on his craft, and after meeting and speaking with a casting director in San Francisco who saw Jayce’s potential, and encouraged him to go to LA— Jayce, with barely enough funds in his pockets,  along with a friend, headed for Los Angeles.


Over the next 10 years in LA, through trial and tribulation, he met, worked with, and created a network in the entertainment industry. During the course of his ten years in L A, he joined a Boy Band, REMIX, and for five years, immersed himself in the recording artist world, performing and collaborating with his bandmates writing songs, as well as learning the business.


But Jayce had his own vision about the industry, which involved rejecting conventional methods, and after the group disbanded, and finding himself in a bit of an impasse, he fortuitously met and started collaborating with a couple of women music producers in San Diego, ( they became best friends ) and would travel there every weekend to work with them on the beginning of a solo album that, unfortunately, never reached fruition. 


The knowledge he extracted while working with them enabled him to embark on his own with confidence. He soon came to realize the vicious circle in the industry— you need capital to get your craft seen and acknowledged In order to make money and be successful or need your own method of transportation for it. 

So he started on his journey by forming an LLC in 2007 called TYME 2 SHYNE ARTISTIC STUDIOS LLC (T2S), which later from 2013-2018 was a subsidiary of  TYME 2 SHYNE ARTISTIC GROUP LLC, with the vision geared toward helping artists like himself in their endeavors to achieve the opportunity of success. 


Before moving to San Diego in October of 2010, Jayce was afforded the opportunity to work in  Dom DeLuise’s home as one of his caregivers. Dom not only taught Jayce how to cook but became his mentor and somewhat of a grandfather figure. During the short time he worked for Mr. DeLuise before his passing, the perspective of life Jayce received, the knowledge he gleaned, and the friendships he made, enabled him not only to grow as a person but gave him the tools to work with in the growth of  his career.   


Jayce moved moved to San Diego and away from the chaos he encountered while living in L A,   and after a series of successful years with T2S and his partners,  the company lost sight of its purpose. It took Jayce away from his craft, which he missed, so he and his partners dissolved the company and went their respective ways. 


Jayce’s cognitive growth kicked in during this time, as he realized one of his main goals in life was not just using his talent in the arts to create, but also to induce through positive change the entertainment arena. He created A FACE OF CHANGE (AFOC) 501(c)3 whose sole purpose was to help incubate and develop IMPACT films that did not just draw attention to causes in desperate need of help, but raise funds for them as well. With AFOC came the first short film he wrote, produced an starred in—the  "ENTRENCHED: PROLOGUE", which was a proof concept for the feature "ENTRENCHED, " which was about PTSD from experiences in the military. 


"ENTRENCHED: PROLOGUE" helped garner some attention and in the end of 2019 Jayce connected with Nathan Fletcher (a San Diego supervisor and veteran) to get more momentum focused on "ENTRENCHED."   Unfortunately, when that momentum picked up,   the COVID-19 outbreak happened, and like for many in the cinematic world, Jayce was caught at a crossroads.


Right around the same time, BULLET CATCH FILMS, who Jayce had worked with prior, reached out to him and asked him to play the leading man in their new feature film ( crime-drama-thriller) NIGHT HUNTER, which is set to release sometime in MAY.


Currently, Jayce is in the middle of taking everything he has learned thus far in his career journeys and is establishing a new production company which will help usher in a development slate of films he is co-developing with a number of other writers and producers with emphasis on his brand as an actor. The first of which is titled "NATURAL BORN FIGHTER,” aka NBF a boxing sport drama feature film taking place before and during the current polarizing strife created by the pandemic and other subject matter that has stricken our country and the world. He is taking pieces of his history and interweaving them into the NBF film, geared to pull at the hearts strings of many.

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